New studio work...

All the work for an upcoming show in at the Spencertown Academy, in Spencertown, NY is framed and ready.  Now I'm making use of the school break to get a start on some new work in acrylic on paper.  Still working in black and white.  Got a good start on the basic scaffolding on this one.

Personal detour.

Though the 10 Artists / 10 Pieces show at Hotchkiss School is my main concern right now, I did spend some time working on a painting of my new grand-daughter for a Christmas gift.

2017-12-15 13.04.23.jpg

December 3rd

Nearing completion. I suspect the only remaining photos I will take are when this is done.  Hotchkiss is looking for publicity photos this week, but mine will be of a work-in-progress.

10 Artists04.JPG

This piece is actually a little bit 'interactive', in that there are a couple of boxes that open up.  The outer box is left pretty rough as a working toolbox might become, though when on the wall, this will not feature too strongly in the finished work.

November 29th

Now that the work for the 12 x 12 show is done and delivered, I need to buckle down and get this piece finished for Hotchkiss.

Overall piece, with half of the 'toolbox' closed.

'Window' detail....

  New section, detail.

New section, detail.

  Ideas, percolating....

Ideas, percolating....

Pre- Thanksgiving

Things are moving along welll, but I need to concentrate on the D.M. Hunt 12 x 12 show, so there's that. Here are some shots of parts in-progress.  Work area becomes a pile of scraps.

November Early

Making good progress, ideas are beginning to come together.

 There is one element here that is straight-up an homage to Joseph Cornell.

There is one element here that is straight-up an homage to Joseph Cornell.

 hand-made paint tubes - its all about model-making....

hand-made paint tubes - its all about model-making....


Had to re-do some of the poured stuff, but don't want to go too far before all the 'compartments' are at least considered more fully. I like where the cigar box section is going

2017-10-24 08.52.44.jpg
cigar-box detail

Bits and Pieces

I've been collecting old book spines from libraries and the transfer station.  What would a 'toolkit' be without books?  Some titles are serendipitously appropriate; others may have to be painted over.

2017-10-18 10.53.06.jpg

This is my first post of a new website

I have now switched my domain registration to SquareSpace, though this may take up to seven days to take effect.  My old website was more complicated to work with, and while it had a lot of bells and whistles, it was more than I needed or wanted to deal with.  This 'drag and drop' site will be easier for me to update and I hope to be adding new work  on a regular basis.  I will be including some of my favorite work from the past that has already found a new home, but will try to make it clear which of the portfolio falls under this heading.


 wilderness book

wilderness book